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Best Survival Shelter Items

Best Survival Shelter Items

Can't decide on the best survival shelter items?

The shelter is the number one priority in any survival situation. It is the main entry on the rule of three. This states that you can only survive three hours without shelter in a harsh environment.

This is why our team has put together a series of guides to help you choose the right items for your shelter.

Simply select the item you are interested in to access the guide.

  • Survival tarp
  • Survival tent
  • Tent repair kit
  • Best tent stakes
  • Best lightweight sleeping bag
  • Emergency blanket
  • Off grid toilet
  • Portable hammock
  • Emergency water storage
  • Portable water heater

Check out our guides above and see what survival shelter items you should add to your bug out bag.

There are many types of shelters you can build in the wild. Some require natural materials while others modern items. Once you check the guides above, check out our article on the best survival shelter types

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